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Carolyn Conway - Life Coach Inspiring Women to Flourish!

I am a Life Coach with a huge passion to see women of every stage in life FLOURISH – just like this  Almond Tree. 

God loves you and placed you on the planet to live a life of fulfilment, adventure and purpose. He gave you unique gifts and dreams, and He wants to bless and impact the world through you. Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than this, but we sometimes need a bit of help to get there. That’s where I come in.

You only have one precious life. If it’s not going in the direction you want, now is the time to make a change. Give me a call on 0411 152 524 and let’s talk!

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Your Destiny is as Unique as You Are!

ARE YOU living the abundant life that Jesus came to give you?
HAVE YOU lost sight of your God-given dreams?
DO YOU have an exciting vision for your life?

If you resonate with any of these questions, remember God's promise in Jeremiah 29:11 which says He has plans to prosper you and give you a great future. His promise is true for you and my commitment is to help you fulfil them. Reach out and give me a call on 0411 152 524 or email

Let's Partner Together and Make Great Things Happen!


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Focus Areas

My goal is help women become the unique and powerful person God created them to be. I want them to discover the dreams, their voice and their destiny.  God has gifted every woman with the ability to bless the world and leave a legacy. My passion is to help them achieve it.

I mentor and supervise women in business and ministry including leadership roles within organisations and boards. Whether they lead a team, or on a team,  I have them establish clear goals and develop their skills to greater productivity and success.

I am qualified to teach and train others in a wide sphere of areas. I train teams within the business sector, government organisations, not-for-profits, churches and ministries helping them to identify growth areas and develop strategies to achieve higher levels of productivity. I also train Leadership Teams helping them clarify and develop strategies to achieve their vision and mission. Contact me further to discuss the training I can offer for your organisation or ministry.

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Unlock your true potential

God has so much more for you than living a frustrated and disappointed life. It’s time to awaken to His wonderful plans for your life and become the person He created you to be.  I would love to help you achieve the life you are dreaming of.


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