My Story

” My own journey has taken me through many deep and challenging waters.  It has given me compassion for others, but also a determination to help them overcome every set back they face “

     Inspiring Women to Flourish!

” I love helping women become the unique and authentic person God created them to be. God wants to bless the world through you! “

About Me

Hey there! I am woman who has a passion for life, eating Italian food with family & friends and I love dachshunds!  Our boy Billy is getting on now, but he’s as sweet as ever.  I am married to my best friend Roger and our children are now adults.


My Journey …


I grew up in regional Victoria, but moved to Melbourne in my early twenties. As a teenager I saw God as completely irrelevant to my life. However this all changed when I was nineteen, and I began a serious search for “the truth”. (I know this was God’s grace at work in my life). After about a year, I knew Jesus was the truth. I gave my life to Him and it was the best decision I ever made. I experienced His amazing love flooding into my hungry heart, and I have been following Him ever since.

After studying at Bible College, I worked as a youth and young adults pastor. I then continued in ministry for more than 35 years pastoring and teaching. I also taught in Bible College for many years helping students understand their God-given identity and destiny. Then some years ago, the Lord led me to start coaching women one on one. In addition to doing this in my own coaching business, I also worked as an Executive Life Coach for many years with another organisation.

I love coaching and it’s the greatest joy to see women break through limiting mindsets and be set free to soar in life. I love seeing them discover their purpose, set new goals and impact the world with their dreams.  I love seeing the gold in every women and helping them discover it.  No matter what has happened in your life, your future is good. God is a miracle-worker who heals broken hearts and dreams and shows every woman His good plans for their future. (NO exceptions)  It thrills me to see this happen with every woman I coach! 

Would you like to connect? I would love to speak to you about what you would like to achieve with coaching.

Let’s do it!


You were created for a great purpose. It is my passion to help you become all God created you to be.

What would it be like to Soar in life?