Letting go of Perfect (and busy)

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I’m sure you’ve noticed … but until last week, I had been in denial.

But that all changed, when I arrived at our shopping centre to buy a new toaster. As I innocently stepped from the car park and into Myer, I entered what felt like another world! The tinsel, the decorations, the sound of Christmas carols and of course, many shoppers on a mission to find that “perfect” Christmas gift. I just stood and stared at it all. Wow! Gosh … yeah … silly me … of course … Christmas is coming!! And, shock, horror … it’s only a few weeks away! Oh my goodness, I am so far from being ready for this!

I stared at the whirl of activity for quite a while … and then pulled myself back into reality.

I told myself “Carolyn, just focus on the task at hand. Go and get the toaster!”  It was excellent advice. So I headed in that direction. But then  (unfortunately) I stopped at the book section to look at the books. (BIG mistake). I picked up a cookbook which was on display and opened the cover. That’s when read the most frightening words “How to make the PERFECT Christmas dinner”. I was intrigued of course, so I read on pouring over every “perfect” page. “Wow, this looks amazing” I thought … “but oh no … I don’t have a table cloth like that … or one of those dinner sets …  or those place mats … or coasters … or wineglasses … Oh what a shame … sigh … so how can my Christmas table ever look like this??  I was beginning to get very disappointed. (the marketing was working, right??!)  And then I had a thought … “Maybe I need to buy a new dinner set”???

Now fortunately, I began to get a grip! And I said to myself  “Carolyn! I’ve already told you … Just go and buy your toaster and GO HOME!” (does anyone else speak to themselves like this??)

And so, I did.

Arriving home, how pleased I was to find a large quantity of left overs from the night before in the fridge! Sitting down to tuck in, I set to work with my notebook to make list of “Things to do before Christmas.” I knew I needed to get organized – immediately!

My notebook began to fill up … and up …. and up ….

And my list grew and grew …. and grew … and grew … and grew …

Wow. There was so much on my list! And that’s because I like to do things perfectly. (This is not something I’m boasting about … what a trap this trait can be!) 

So when eventually … I couldn’t think of anything more to put on my list, I finally stopped writing.

Phew. I took a breath. A VERY deep breath!

Then I thought “Wow!!!  Carolyn, you are going to be busy … sooooooo busy …. if you are going to do ALL the things on this list”.

I agreed with myself. Yes, you are. You really, really are…..

And it didn’t feel good.

In fact, I felt overwhelmed … and I began to feel TIRED … and then exhausted just thinking about everything I would have to do!  Sigh ….

And I took another big, BIG breath … and exhaled slowly ….

And then …

Something AMAZING happened …

I came to my senses!

I said to myself “Carolyn … Are you really going to do this to yourself?

Is this really how you want your Christmas season to be???

And then a light-bulb moment happened …

I realised that it wasn’t. It really wasn’t!

And then, I began to think of Jesus… wonderful Jesus…

And I said “Jesus, you are the true and the ONLY reason for Christmas. It is ALL about you. And Jesus, I have just made a decision. YOU are going to stay right at the very centre of my Christmas.

And right there, at my kitchen table … I let go of perfect…

And then … I let go of busy …

and ALL the expectations and pressure I had put on myself …
And it felt good …. so VERY good …

“Jesus, YOU  are what matters most to me. I choose you. I fix my eyes on you. You are my treasure. And you are my JOY!”

And then …. I began to smile. A VERY BIG smile.

And laughter filled my soul.

And then …  I put on a Christmas record (yes we have those not CD’s)

And I sang “Joy to the World, the Lord has Come!”

And I sang and I danced! (no one else was home which was good).

“Yes! Jesus – I sing Joy to the World. Because you DID come! Thank you Jesus, that you came for me and for this world – and for every human heart. You brought to us all your LOVE and FREEDOM and PEACE and JOY.”

Then … I danced and sung some more … and then some more …


So … this is where my blog ends today … the declaration that Jesus set me free from the pressure build up I had in my soul (and my head). Instead, I swapped it for His JOY and FREEDOM and now … I am really, really looking forward to Christmas! Yippee!

I hope my experience encourages you too. With Christmas only a few weeks away, whenever there is the temptation to take on “perfect” or “busy” … let’s be wise and just . . .

Let it go

Quieten our hearts. Choose His presence. And smile, smile … SMILE!

Because sharing HIS love with others, is all we really need, to make this Christmas perfect!

4 thoughts on “Letting go of Perfect (and busy)”

  1. Love this.
    Having hosted many Christmas lunches, last year I just said it’s about coming together., not perfection and I told the family that was my plan. Not everyone was happy but it was a beautiful day 💝

  2. so very very true Carolyn. I said to my family this year….after the year we have all had I dont care if we have a sausage in bread for Christmas lunch as long as we can be together and celebrate together with Jesus at the centre…but it is still easy to then start thinking about things to do to make it exciting and the foodie things we love to share…and…and.

    yep I agree Carolyn…get a grip Margaret…put on some music and diffuse some frankinsence and orange essential oils and focus…..

    1. I’m sure your home looks beautiful at Christmas Margaret, and even more beautiful because of the faces around the table. Yes, that’s the most important thing to remember and celebrate x

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