Tenacious Faith

It’s never too late to be the woman you want to be … but it requires courage . . . 

My challenge to you is to live an uncompromised life. God has breathed His very life into YOU and placed you on this earth “for such a time as this”. You were born to do mighty things for Him, you really need to know this at the very core of your being. (And many of you do…). So don’t waste your life, your gifts, your power your influence flailing around on the banks of the river instead of flowing powerfully in the stream of God’s anointing and your calling. 

I am burning with passion to see you live your very best life. And if you want this, just a heads up … it will require you to be very honest about any idol of FEAR in your life. And it will require you to once-and-for-all drive a stake through it, and put it to death under the blood of Jesus. You will need to choose faith over fear, boldness over timidity and fear of God over fear of man (or woman!)

Girlfriend, will you do that? I’m hoping that you’re thinking “Yes!! Count me in”. If this is what your heart is saying, you are going to be one of the few women who will one day, look back on their life and not have the “burden of regret” (and there is NOTHING so devastating as having regrets when you are on your deathbed). 

“God’s call is adventure – an invitation to live beyond caution. We must choose between living by fear … or by faith”

Below are some women who changed history. (Something EACH of us are called to do). They are now part of the “Great Cloud of Witnesses (Hebrews 12) who are cheering us on . . .  “Don’t be afraid” they are saying!

  • Sarah: Who was far beyond childbearing age took the risky path of being pregnant and giving birth to a child because, although she laughed at first, she believed God’s promise.
  • Esther: Who was brave and courageous taking her life into her hands she dared to enter the court of a pagan king in order to rescue the Jewish nation from extinction
  • Deborah: Who was a Prophetess and Judge and provided crucial guidance and a pivotal leadership role when Israel was in a national crisis 
  • Ruth: who remained faithful to her mother-in-law, Naomi and ultimately became an ancestor of Jesus 
  • Hannah: Although she went years without having a child, continued to pray in faith and eventually had Samuel the prophet and judge over Israel
  • Abigail: Who stepped in when her husband refused to treat David and his men with hospitality, thereby saving the lives of many
  • Mary: The mother of Jesus who was just a young girl when she embraced her assignment to be the mother of the Messiah saying to the angel “Yes…Let it be to me unto me according to your will.” She risked everything. (She is my favorite).
  • Mary (who is named in the gospels) who entered an intimidating male environment where Jesus was eating and risked expulsion and disgrace by pouring out her love and devotion to Jesus with tears and perfume
  • And the list goes on … and on …. and on … of women who throughout history stepped out in faith and trusted God and brought His love, justice, compassion and truth to the world. 
  • Ordinary women … who made a difference in their home, their community … and the world. Women who AROSE in their hour and said yes to their assignment whether that was in the arena of education, politics, human rights etc. etc.
  • So who will add their name to the list??
  • WILL YOU? 
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The Day I said “No” to fear and “Yes” to God –  no matter the cost – my life changed forever.

– Carolyn Conway

a note from me:

I have had the joy of preaching on every one of these amazing women in the Bible (mentioned in this blog) … and many others. My heart is to encourage and empower women to RISE UP. My message to every woman is “No matter what storm you have been through in life, the God of breakthrough God can redeem it. He has big plans and a big future for you”. 

If you are interested in a free 1/2 hour coaching session where we can talk about your goals, hopes and dreams, please give me a call. Alternatively, if I can serve the women at your church in any way, please let me know. My heart is to stir, encourage and inspire them to ARISE!

God bless,

Carolyn Conway, Life Coach for Women  (Mobile – 0411 152 524)

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