A Passion test

Your passions are the underlying energy for Your calling

This illustration can help to reveal to you the real truth about your passions, and whether or not you are accurately pursuing our calling. If your passions are “true” they will hold up under repeated and strong blows. You can be sure, that once you start pursuing God’s vision for your life and releasing it to the world, there will be many challenges that come your way. They are going to get banged on! 

Today I want to share some thoughts on the subject of passion.

Do you know how an experienced stone sculptor  finds out whether the stone they want to work on is “true?” They bang on it forcefully with a hammer! If it gives off a dull tone, it means the stone has a fault running through it, and therefore it will crack apart when it is worked on. But if it gives off a clear “ring” which hangs in the air for a moment, that means the stone is true and has integrity, and most importantly, it will hold up under repeated blows.

One of the best ways to find out whether your passions are true, is to form the habit of ‘tuning in’ and listening with what Saint Benedict called “the ear of the heart”. It is the CORE of what spiritual traditions refer to as discernment or clarifying your calling.


If you are only doing things in life which other people want you to, or because it is their vision and not yours, then one day you will hear in your inner being that “dull” tone that the sculpture hears when he bangs firmly on a faulty stone.

This is something you need to take notice of.

Today I encourage you to become more aware of your own “inner ear of the heart” – the passions that are true for YOU.  Other people’s sculpturing stones (passions) may be true for them, but you weren’t created to replicate theirs, you need to know and pursue your own.

How do you discover what your own true passions are?

That’s a question I will answer in another blog.

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