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Who am I?

You are who god says you are



I watched a film recently about a woman who had lost her memory. She walked the streets, trying to find clues to who she was. She looked at the brand of her watch, found a bus ticket in her pocket, but nothing disclosed her true identity.

Watching that film, I realized that every person on the earth was like this woman. They are looking for clues to their true identity. What this woman needed, was a relative to find her, take her home and reveal to her who she really was.

This is exactly what Jesus has done for all of humanity – and for YOU! He came to us on that lost road of trying to “find ourselves” and trying to discover who we really are (something we never can find on our own).  And He led us back home – to our heavenly Father, so He could tell us WHO we are and WHOSE we are. God is the one who created us, so only He can tell us our true identity!



I hope the illustration of the lost woman in the movie speaks to you today.  It certainly spoke to me. It reminded me that without God telling us who we are, we remain lost. In our culture there are many identity traps. We can be tempted to base our identity in what others think of us. We want their approval and when we get it, it make us feel acceptable and worthy of love. It’s also a trap to find our value in “things” such as our business or ministry performance. No success, or failure for that matter determines our identity. Only God’s declaration of who we are defines us. 


I have been coaching women for many years, helping them to “deconstruct” false identities and then “reconstruct” their true identity in who God says they are. It brings so much freedom to their lives.

You are your Heavenly Father’s beloved and precious daughter –  greatly loved and adored. Nothing you have ever done (or will ever do) can change that.

Put on that as your identity, and you will start to live the empowered life God created you for.


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